The Shack

Well this is my hideaway inside the house.  I have another hideaway in the garage as well for when in the mood to build something. Speaking of which the desk you see below is something I custom built in my garage between Thanksgiving and New Years 2015.  I am very pleased with how it came out and its my second attempt at getting it just they way I wanted since we built the house 4 years ago.

Here is a quick run down of the equipment by category.


Audio Equipment and Microphones:

(click here for pictures and more info)

  • W2IHY EQplus
  • W2IHY iPlus
  • Electrovoice  RE320 with Heil  PL2T boom w/ shockmount (HF rigs)
  • Heil PR-780 Microphone on Heil SB2 boom (2 meters)


  •     Palstar AT-AUTO tuner
  •     Ten Tec 237 Tuner (for R8500)
  •     SGC 230 200 watt tuner


  •     Palstar SP30H speakers
  •     Palstar DL2K dummy load
  •     MicroHam CW Keyer
  •     Begali Signature Iambic Key
  •     Astron RM-50M supply using RigRunner/Powerpole system and PWRcheck (more info)
  •     Palstar ZM30 analyzer
  •     Array Solutions Power Master meter
  •     LP-100A meter


  • Ten-Tec Hercules II  with Ten-Tec power Supply (more info)