Icom IC-7800

SOLD – Great radio but did not get used after buying a Flex 6500. Not so much for the performance but more the fact the computer control is more my style.

The IC-7800 is my fav2015-03-04_20-26-54orite “knob” (aka Legacy radio) of all time. I had never owned an Icom until I purchased a 756 Pro III about 10 years ago on a whim. I also purchased a Ten Tec Orion II at the same time. I loved the Pro III however the Orion II was another story. In a nutshell I absolutely hated the Ten Tec but really liked having two receivers. At that point the only logical choice was to pedal the 756 Pro III along with the Orion and purchase a used 7800.

I purchased a mint unit online and shipped it straight from the seller to Icom in Washington for complete checkout and to receive all  the latest hardware updates.


Version 3 scope udpates

Version 3 scope updates

After all these years it’s still front and center  and in my opinion no one builds a more logical radio layout/menu system than Icom. Towards the end of 2013 Icom released version 3.oo with several major improvements including:


  1. Waterfall screens, mouse operation, and other additional functions on the bandscope.
  2. An audio scope function has been added.
  3. The USB connector now also accepts USB flash drives or a USB mouse.
  4. The Voice Recording function recording time has been increased.
  5. Transmission recording capability has been added.
  6. Remotely control the transceiver without needing a Base (server) PC.
  7. Frequency band expansion (On some transceiver versions

These features basically made it a new radio and was/is the most significant radio firmware upgrade I have ever received. Of course an added benefit to this rig over my others is the 200 watt transmitter. For the most part this alleviates the need to use my amp for general rag chewing as 200 watts is just enough to make the difference.