Ham Radio Audio


W2IHY EQplus and Iplus.

With some things I have a tendency to go overboard. OK, probably with most things. But honestly with audio I try to keep things to the minimum as I dislike the processed audio you hear coming from a lot of stations these days.

I run two microphones. A Heil PR-780 which was my original HF rig mic which has now been demoted to the 2 meter FM rig. I replaced it with a Electrovoice RE320 that I now use for both the Flex and Icom which improved the detail of my audio greatly.

Electrovoice RE320

Electrovoice RE320

The system is pretty simple. The Electrovoice is on a Heil PL2T boom with shock-mount. This feeds into the W2IHY EQplus. The EQplus output goes to the W2IHY iPlus input which switches the mic between my Flex and Icom and has one available position left for a future radio.

It also switches the 2 channel audio output from my rigs to a pair of Palstar SP30H speakers as well as changes the keying line to my amp. And added benefit to the iPlus is it has an audio isolation device internally that helps eliminates issues when running external audio equipment.

The 2 meter Heil PR-780 Microphone is mounted on a Heil SB2 short boom and is of course wired direct.

This setup works pretty well except I am considering adding a preamp as my controls are close to maxed out with the Electrovoice. I am also debating my decision to switch the receive audio with the iPlus and not use a mixer.